Welcome to Climate, People & Organizations, a blog that explores the social, organizational and political implications of climate change.

My name is Christopher Wright and I’m an academic at the University of Sydney. A key focus of my current research is the impact of climate change on business organizations and society more generally. I also have a strong personal interest in the environment and view climate change as a serious threat to our society, ecosystem and future as a species.

In the following pages you can view posts on this topic as well as more details about my research, publications and interests. I’d welcome your comments and feedback.

Image: E Dubya

The coming storm (Image: E Dubya)

4 Responses to Home

  1. Thank you, Christopher, for diving into this issue. We need this perspective if we are to survive! And thank you for the follow!

  2. Sabine Balve says:

    Thanks for your contribution Christopher, !! … to combat Climate Change is number one goal. – please connect on LINKEDIN w us – to see more of our work, and lets see what we can do together ! BUILDING bridges for worldwide collaborations!
    hoping to join you in, – many thanks!

    Greetings from Dubai, Sabine Balve, Founder and visionary of the World Leaders Forum Dubai – campaign, (January 2012 – January 2013) success of 100.000 followers and 10 million views per months – NEW campaign shortly with the GOAL of 1 million followers and 100 million views per months !

  3. Garry Rogers says:

    Good subject. I will watch for your posts. I will pin, tweet, and scoop some of them (see the scoops at http://scoop.it/t/ecoscifi). Thank you.


  4. Moolb Leinad says:

    does the rise of cli fi novels and movies interest you at all ? email me or find me. via David Holmes at Monash. clifibooks.com or CLI FI CENTRAL blog

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